Membership for Old Maroon Rugby | Old Maroon Rugby Football Club


All former Aggie Rugby players are known as ‘Old Maroon’. However, Annual Membership Dues provide our basic resources to operate and raise funds as an organization and provide opportunity for instant reinvestment support in the program. The first $50 supports our Operations, while the remainder will continuously evolve. Our standard investments are as follows:

  • Every Quarter, Old Maroon contributes ALL funds over a set threshold of our bank account to the Endowment Fund.
  • Endowment Fund – Texas A&M Foundation-managed Endowment Fund that directly supports the club. This endowed fund is primarily used to grant scholarships to the club’s student athletes.
  • Excellence Fund – Texas A&M Foundation-managed Fund that directly supports the current club. This non-endowed fund is primarily used at the student leadership’s discretion for travel expenses, equipment, etc.

Lifetime Membership – reserved for those that have shown extraordinary investment of their time and financial commitment. While some will be recognized for their outstanding contribution to Texas A&M Rugby, those who wish to pledge a commitment above and beyond are encouraged to do so!

  • Cost: $25,000 or 5-year commitment of $5,000 annually
  • Benefit: All annual membership benefits plus discussion of specific funding contributions. Please contact us for further detail.

Please contact Old Maroon leadership for large-dollar contributions and what types of benefit they may yield.