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Donate to the club with your everyday purchases.

Posted on Friday, September 24th, 2010 at 3:00 pm    

Kroger & Randalls’ are doing a pretty cool thing for local charities/clubs. They are setting aside a million smackers, a million Jorges, a million dolla dolla bills ya’ll, for those clubs/charities.

How it works?
The Kroger / Randalls Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program will donate $1 million annually. Each
organization will earn a percentage of the $1 million equal to the percentage of total earned
contributions attributable to that organization. Your club will be appropriated an applicable percentage of the million bucks. Obviously, we would love to see our beloved Rugby football club receive some of those cash money chips. Please see the attached documents to show you how you can contribute.

What does this mean? Buy your groceries at your friendly neighborhood Kroger (or cougar den) and follow the instructions on the attached documents. Below are the respective forms and info.