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Texas A&M Rugby Men’s Scholarships – $1,000 each

Texas A&M Rugby Women’s Scholarships – $1,000 each

Texas A&M Rugby Memorial Scholarships – $1,000 each

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Mudfish Scholarship

As the plaque states, “As members of the original Texas A&M Mudfish Posse of 1992, we bestow upon you these scholarship funds. In true Mudfish fashion, Mudfish unite, encourage, and assist other forwards and at the same time enjoy all there is in rugby fellowship”.

The Dallas RFC, at that time, started a little 7’s tournament played at the end of each summer 7’s season. It wasn’t the normal 7’s tournament. It was for those guys who just didn’t have that rocket speed, cougar agility, nor the stamina of a gazelle. It was for those 200+ pound mammoths with the ability to move mountains, those who can fit into a Santa suit without resizing it just for kids, or keep getting pushed into the water while laid out at the beach with cheers of “if we hurry, we can save him”.

All in all, we are the forwards and the anchor which makes up every team. We work hard to do a hard job and we love what we do and have fun doing it. We take pride in every step it takes to dig, squeeze, push, hit, and drive, then repeat this cycle over and over again. The brotherhood of a forward in all of our character and charm there is only one word that sums it up, Mudfish.

Stuart Borlase, aka Ducky, and Scot Krippner, aka Lit’l Scot, organized a campaign back in January 1992 to train a group of Texas A&M forwards for the annual 1992 Mudfish tournament in Dallas. We called ourselves the “1992 Mudfish Posse – Men without Women Tour”. We had a combined weight of 1.035 tons (2070 lbs.) and we were proud of it.

Then in 2007, Ducky and Lit’l Scot decided to take the Mudfish fellowship to the next level and contribute back to the A&M team by creating a Mudfish Scholarship. With personal funds, they created a scholarship account to be able to provide a $1000 scholarship opportunity specifically for any of the forwards. Yes, there were a few other scholarship opportunities available but nothing which focused specifically on the forwards. With the old 1992 Mudfish Posse, this was the opportunity.

Our first Mudfish scholarship was given in 2008. Since then, we have continued to provide a scholarship each year to one of the forwards and hope to continue this for as long as we can. Oh and in typical Mudfish style, we present the recipient with a Mudfish plaque, shirt, hat, and/or whatever we can think of or get our hands on.

Ducky and Lit’l Scot