Old Maroon Rugby Football Club - Part 5

Touch Judge/Asst. Ref. Aggie Rugby Matches

Posted on Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 3:40 pm    


The league has issued a new league requirement that all hosting teams must provide Touch Judges and Assistant Referees for matches.

Please see the information below if you would like to touch judge or assistant referee any Aggie Rugby home matches this upcoming season. They are offering FREE training/certification in Allen, TX at the end of the month, but if you get certified online, Old Maroon will reimburse your certification cost with the commitment that you will touch judge or assistant ref a minimum of 2 Texas A&M home games this upcoming season.

You can either donate your time and travel to the club for each trip OR you can elect to be paid gas reimbursement + $25 per match by the boys.

If you are interested, AT ALL, to attend any Aggie Rugby matches this season, please consider this opportunity. Email me if you’ve been certified (bpellerin@carltechusa.com) so that I can connect you with Craig Coates, the Director of Club Operations, who can help coordinate with you on particular games you would like to work.


Here is the original message:

For the upcoming 2015-2016 competitive season, all teams will be required to provide certified Touch Judge or Assistant Referees for all home league matches. TRU is offering FREE TJ/AR courses at the TRU Summit in Allen, TX on Aug 29-30, 2015.

The TRU Board highly encourages all teams to send representatives to the Summit in order to be certified. If teams cannot attend the TRU Summit, teams must provide proof of online USA Rugby Course Certification (cost $30).

Register for the FREE TJ/AR Courses at the TRU Summit.


Old Maroon Newsletter – July 2015

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2015 at 10:35 pm    

Old Maroon has been trucking along with a bit of fun this summer. Let’s get to some updates:

Old Maroon plays 7s… seriously, but in a social setting. 

Supplemented by athletes at the height of their collegiate physiques, Old Maroon has been playing some 7s this summer. Here’s some proof:

Cowtown – Austin, TX

Bloodfest 2015 - Pflugerville, TX

Bloodfest 2015 – Pflugerville, TX

With a generous supplement of able-bodied Texas A&M players, Old Maroon earned a consistent record of 1-1-1 in pool play before being defeated by a scrappy Midland Mad Dogs team, led by an actual Old Maroon player. Despite a certain Scrum-Half’s optimistic (and lonely) hand-gesture, the side settled closer to the middle of the pack, rather than WINNING IT ALL.

Cowtown – Fort Worth, TX

Cowtown 2015 - Fort Worth, TX

Cowtown 2015 – Fort Worth, TX

Cowtown 2015 - Fort Worth, TX with Karbach Brewing's brand new D/FW rep, Alycia Burton

Cowtown 2015 – Fort Worth, TX with Karbach Brewing’s brand new D/FW rep, Alycia Burton

Cowtown 2015 - boys under the post after a long evening

Cowtown 2015 – boys under the post after a long evening

With unforgiving, technology-driven field conditions, the former Ags warmed their bodies up to maintain their consistent 1-1-1 pool play showing. Earning 2 Draws in a season is certainly rare, but Old Maroon has proven it’s up to the task.


Upcoming Old Maroon Events

July 18 – Cherrybone 7s Tournament, hosted by The Woodlands. You can keep up with Old Maroon correspondence regarding the event here and visit the tournament’s Facebook correspondence here.

August 15 – Space City 7s Tournament, here in H-Town. Keep an eye on this one as the leading beer guys are very friendly to us.

November 21 – OLD MAROON WEEKEND will feature the first inaugural Chancellor’s Cup. This is a 7s Tournament among all Texas A&M University System 7s squads. In addition, we will be auctioning off, our slick new jerseys:

Karbach jersey picture

and we’re hoping to include an Old Maroon v. Texas A&M XVs fixture and an Aggies v. Vandy Football watch party, depending on timing around the Cup.


Please keep an eye out for an email regarding the formation of an Old Maroon Advisory Board. The purpose of the board and responsibilities will be explain in that message and I will be asking for Nominations.


Sponsor plugs – As always we want to thank our sponsors/donors that have pitched in to help us spread the word, up our competitive edge, and ultimately, offset the cost of playing rugby for Texas A&M.

Karbach Brewing Co. 

Scheef & Stone, LLP

Spirit of Texas Distillery

T5 1/2 Rugby Development Group

Seabrook Seafood

Earl Silver ’89



Thanks and Gig ‘Em,

Blake Pellerin ’09

Old Maroon Newsletter – June 2015

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 at 10:40 pm    

Old Maroon members – please send in any pictures or commentary you may have regarding notable Texas A&M Rugby or Alumni in the rugby community. I will be sending out monthly newsletters.


Monthly Newsletter (beta) – June 2015 

Texas A&M Rugby has officially wrapped up its Spring semester and season and Old Maroon has just received our slick jersey order in; we are gearing up for a summer of Social 7s.


Texas A&M Rugby’s 2014 – 2015 results:

In XVs, the Aggies went 4-1 in the Red River Rugby Conference, losing only to Oklahoma. The boys did not advance to play-offs; however, it was later discovered that OU had at least one ineligible player in our match with them so that match was forfeited. The Aggies effective record on the year was 5-0 and they’ll be aiming for that mark next year to earn a play-off berth.

The Red River River Conference is made up of Texas A&M, Texas, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and recently added LSU. 

In 7s, the boys were crowned Champions of the Red River Rugby Conference Tournament and took 2nd in the Southwest Conference Tournament.

The Southwest Conference is made up of Texas A&M, Rice, SFA, Texas State, U. Houston, and UNT. I will have more details on what separates the RRRC from the SWC later. 


They earned a trip to Nationals for their play and had a tough Day 1, losing 3 matches to Arizona State, Cal Poly, and Iowa. On Day 2, they began their quest for the Shield and results improved with wins over Stony Brook and Nevada, but they ended up losing in the Shield Final by 2 to Bowling Green.


Aggies Representing the Crest:

Braeden Hood was selected to the Junior All-Americans to face Canada in March for the Junior World Rugby Trophy. While the Eagles failed in qualifying, representing the University at a national and global level is a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations are due to Braeden.

In conference representation, the Red River Rugby Conference coaches have named the following Aggies to the All-Conference XVs team:

Jacob Browning

Alex Demblon

Phil Hanson

Jake Hoffman

Braeden Hood

Nic Jarrett

Justin Brown

Pearson Garnett

Matt Theodore

The Southwest Conference has named the following Aggies to their All-Conference 7s Team:

Justin Brown  (Tournament MVP)

Jacob Browning


Award Winners & Donors: 

A special thanks to Award Donors in parentheses. Still need 2 more award donors ($300/award). The proceeds cover the fall dues for returning players OR makes the first Alumni donation in their name upon graduation.

MVP – Braeden Hood (Dallas Harlequins)

Most Valuable Forward – Alex Demblon (Bill Taute)

Most Valuable Back – Matt Theodore (Chuck Martin)

Most Improved – Jacob Browning (Cloud[8]Sixteen)

Defensive Player of the Year – Braeden Hood (Kyle Ranne)

Rookie of the Year – Justin Brown (Austin Blacks)

Doug White Memorial Award – Carter Ross (Craig Belew)

Alec Klinghoffer Coaches Award – Alex Demblon (DONOR NEEDED)

Aggie Man of the Year – Grayson Dowlearn (DONOR NEEDED)


2015 – 2016 Texas A&M Rugby Officers:

President – Eric Wiggin

Vice President – Braeden Hood

Treasurer – John Schell

Recruiting – Travis Henry

Recruiting – Justin Brown

Fundraising – Connor Wilson

Gareth Jones – Cody Dubberly

Merchandise – Robert Larson

Match Coordinator – Holden Heartwell

Webmaster – Hunter Lahasky

Social – Jacob Browning

Congratulations on the new seats, boys. Good luck next season!


Special Thanks: 

I would encourage us to all offer a big thank you to our coaches and staff this year. A special thanks goes to Johnny Smith, who will not be re-joining the staff next year to focus on other family and personal endeavors. Johnny – thanks, as always, for your support and service to the club.


Old Maroon 7s Season: 

Old Maroon will be playing some Social 7s this summer for the following dates; PLEASE CONTACT ME if you would like to play in any of these tournaments.

6/20 – Bloodfest 7s (Pflugerville, TX)

7/11 – Cowtown 7s (Fort Worth, TX)

7/18 – Cherrybone 7s (The Woodlands, TX)

8/1 – Mudfish 7s (Dallas, TX) – TBD based on interest

TBD – Varano 7s (Houston, TX)

If you’re just at a tournament to relax, stop by the tent and meet some Aggies, current players and former. We should have a few free refreshments for you from one of our sponsors.

We would like to thank our gracious sponsors this 7s season for the slick jerseys and additional beernefits:

Karbach Brewing Co.

Scheef & Stone, LLP

Spirit of Texas Distillery & Pecan Street Rum 

T5 1/2 Rugby Development Group

Seabrook Seafood

Earl Silver ’89


Other thoughts – where is Texas A&M Rugby headed? 

Lately rugby has been evolving rapidly and it seems like there are multiple, high-value entities making waves to push for highly-competitive venues throughout the U.S. At the Men’s Club / “Professional” level, you see the NRFL trying to break the Professional league game into this market, while they are not affiliated with USA Rugby, this country’s governing body.

At the collegiate level, you see several entities creating different competitions and you see situations where there’s a USA Rugby-sanctioned 7s National tournament (in which we just competed) and the, perhaps more well-known, College Rugby Championship 7s Tournament (CRC). And that’s just for the 7s form of the game.

However this all shakes out, the most consistent indicator of whether or not a team becomes and remains a nationally-competitive program (regardless of the governing entity) is full-time coaching. We have all heard the suggestions from the depths of our ranks and they have been heard. We are working through conversations to leverage the financial and networking horsepower of Old Maroon to make such a financial commitment more of a possibility. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, now, but I will keep you updated. I will be reaching out to some of you as we go, but if you have any questions or suggestions, please give me a call or shoot me an email.


Thanks and Gig ‘Em,

Blake Pellerin ’09

June 7 – USA v. Scotland Test Match Tailgate & Tickets

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 at 6:57 pm    

We are pumped for the USA vs Scotland Rugby match! We are throwing a tailgate party. Click here for details: Tail Gate Party . Our ticket block starts in Section 114 and start in ROW 1 of the Tryzone. That is pretty darn close my friends.

Here are the options to order tickets, packages, t-shirts and other goodies below:

T-Shirt Gender/Sizes

USA vs IRELAND Rugby Tailgate

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 9:58 pm    

We are pumped up for the USA vs Ireland Rugby match. We are throwing a tailgate party. Click here for details: Tail Gate Party