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2021-2022 RRRCC XVs All-Conference Selections

Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 at 5:16 pm    

by Travis Normand

The RRRCC made its 1st & 2nd team All-Conference selections for the 2021-2022 XVs season. The selections related to Texas A&M are as follows:

1st Team All-Conference:

(1) Ryan Meehan, Texas A&M
(2) Anthony Rigas, Texas A&M
(3) William Hofstetter, Texas A&M
(4) Gavin Meagher, Texas A&M
(5) Ryan McCauley, Texas A&M
(6) Jason Tidwell, Texas A&M

A&M had 6 (of the 15) first-team selections; Baylor had 4; t.u. had 3; Oklahoma had 2; and UNT had 0. Having said that, Baylor’s Michael Hand took the honor of “Player of the Year” while t.u.’s Maui Trevino took the honor of “Newcomer of the Year.”

2nd Team All-Conference:

(1) Tom Batterson, Texas A&M
(2) Jason Dimelow, Texas A&M
(3) Rodrigo Munzoledo, Texas A&M
(4) Hayden Martin, Texas A&M

A&M had 4 (of the 15) second-team selections; Oklahoma also had 4; t.u. had 3; UNT had 2; and Baylor had 2.

Honorable Mentions:

(1) Nicolas Corsico, Texas A&M
(2) Justin Orlando, Texas A&M

It appears as if every RRRCC team had at least 2 honorable mentions for a total of 10.


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